Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. 


Our Mission

To provide services and information to help each person heal (emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually) and enliven themselves in the process.  As part of this mission, we illuminate different paths to healing and emphasize how each person’s commitment to their own healing is an imperative and integral part of the process. Sunflower Healing Arts also assists in discovering the goals and actions that will help each person heal.  Some of these methods may include meditation, relaxation, stimulation, nutrition, and/or assistance from others including spiritual guides, medical doctors, shamen, therapists, and alternative medicine practitioners.

Wonderful Reading

Michelle was an amazing resource for my daughter after her father’s suicide. She was able to provide her with such helpful insight and messages which left her more grounded and helped her get through a very difficult time.


Perfect Reading at the Perfect Time

Just being around Michelle’s pure spirit feels so healing. I straight away felt very trusting of her. Her reading was accurate and exactly what I needed to hear at the exact right time. Things she said from the reading started popping up into my life right afterwards, and were wonderful confirmations of what I needed to do to move forward. I really appreciate her gifts and would recommend her to anyone.


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